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The intelligent automobile industry will become the big field of plastic gear development

Gear is widely used in a variety of mechanical equipment, consumer electronics products, household appliances and other things that will rotate in daily life. With the development of science, gear has gradually changed from metal gear to plastic gear. Because the plastic gear is made of plastic material, it has outstanding self lubrication and wear resistance, which can effectively reduce noise, cost, weight and friction. Gear is a kind of mechanical parts with teeth that can mesh with each other. It is widely used in mechanical transmission and the whole mechanical field.

Smart automotive plastic gear

Plastic gears are developing in the direction of small size, complex geometry, high strength, self lubrication and durability. At the same time, the composite materials filled with good performance resin and long glass fiber play an important role in promoting the development.

In the past 50 years, plastic gears have experienced a change from new materials to important industrial materials. Today, they have penetrated into many different applications, such as automobiles, consumer electronics, smart home, clocks and watches, sewing machines, communication equipment, structural control facilities and missiles, playing the role of transmitting torque and motion forms. In addition to the existing applications, gear applications will continue to appear, this trend is still in-depth development.

The automobile industry has become a fast developing field of plastic gears, and this successful change is encouraging. Automobile manufacturers are trying to find all kinds of auxiliary systems for automobile driving. They need motors and gears instead of power, hydraulics or cables. This change makes the plastic gear deeply applied to many application fields, such as electric tailgate, electric window, seat adjustment, automatic headlamp, automatic door handle, brake transmission, electric throttle, turbine adjusting device, etc.

The application of plastic gear is further expanded. In some large-scale applications, plastic gear is often used to replace metal gear, such as the use of plastic washing machine transmission, which changes the size of the gear in the application limit. Plastic gears are also used in many other fields, such as vibration reduction actuators in HVAC systems, valve drives in flow facilities, automatic sweepers in public lounges, power screwdrivers used in small aircraft to control surface stability, screw weights and control devices in military fields.

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