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Gear processing and manufacturing of a few points

plastic gear is mainly used for transmission, and the gear material is plastic, which is more and more widely used in mechanical transmission

Manufacturing all kinds of plastic gear: spur gear, helical gear, worm gear, crown gear, bevel gear, planetary gear, tooth box, damping gear, involute gear, cycloid gear, circular arc gear and other large and small module gear, non-standard strange gear, multi process complex coated gear, foreign standard low noise gear, etc.

Custom plastic gear

Gear customization

  • The gear combination with various process parameters can effectively meet the design requirements, such as deceleration, speed increase, timing, energy conversion, positioning and other functions.
  • The main reasons for the noise of plastic gear system are as follows:
  • Improper selection of gear design parameters, too small overlap, improper or no profile modification, unreasonable gearbox structure, etc.
  • In gear processing, the pitch error and tooth profile error are too large, the backlash is too large, and the surface roughness is too large.
  • In terms of gear train and gearbox, the assembly is eccentric, the contact accuracy is low, the parallelism of shaft is poor, the stiffness of shaft, bearing and support is insufficient, the rotation accuracy of bearing is not high, and the clearance is improper.
  • Other aspects of input torque. Fluctuation of load torque, torsional vibration of shafting, balance of motor and other transmission pairs, etc.

Compared with metal gear, plastic gear has the advantages of silence, wear resistance and self lubrication.


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