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What is a planetary gear?

Planetary gears (also known as epicyclic gear trains) look rather complicated. Of course, it takes a skilled gear engineer to master all the complex aspects of planetary gear system design. But if you want a more basic understanding of planetary gears, you're in the right place.

planet gears

What are planetary gears?

Planetary gear set consists of three types of gears, including sun gear, planetary gear (also known as satellite gear) and ring gear. The sun gear is centered and transmits torque to the planetary gear, which is usually mounted on a movable carrier. The strength of the planetary gear head is usually determined by the size of the sun gear. A larger sun gear will allow a higher torque value. The planetary gears revolve around the sun gear and mesh with the outer ring gear. The complexity of planetary gear system can vary from very simple system to complex composite system, depending on the application.

Why planetary gear?

Planetary gear sets (also known as planetary gear heads) are named for how different gears move together. In the planetary gear head, we see the sun gear, ring gear and two or more planetary gears. Typically, the sun gear is driven to move the locked planetary gears in the planetary carrier to form the output shaft. The gear ring has a fixed position with the outside. It looks like our planetary solar system, and that's where the name comes from.

In practice, we often talk about the application of industrial automation from the perspective of planetary gear head. That's why we call the sun gear the input shaft, the planetary gear and carrier the output shaft, and the ring gear the housing.

What are the advantages of planetary gear system?

·Coaxial arrangement of input and output shafts

·Load distribution of multiple planetary gears

·Due to the combination of multiple row stars, there are many gear ratio options

·Because this part or that part of the planetary gear head is fixed, it is suitable to be used as a planetary switch device

·Good low noise

·It has a wide range of applications

Where are planetary gear heads usually used (in transmissions)?

The planetary gear system can generate the required torque because the load is shared among multiple planetary gears. This arrangement also creates more contact surfaces and larger contact area between gears than traditional parallel shaft gear systems. Therefore, the load distribution is more uniform. As a result, gears are more resistant to damage.

This kind of structure makes the planetary gear head combined with Saili DC micromotor, which is an ideal choice for high torque, low speed and high performance applications. In most cases, the gear train of the input stage is made of plastic to minimize noise levels at higher speeds. Sometimes, powder metallurgy is also a common process of planetary gear head. The metal input stage can also be used for extreme loads. The gear head is installed on the motor through a threaded flange to achieve a firm fit.

This combination is conducive to the application of transmission products, such as:

·Increasing torque in robots

·To reduce the speed of the cylinder in a printing press

·Precise positioning

·In the packaging machine of reproducible products

Buying planetary gear heads: what should you pay attention to?

What is the purchasing standard of planetary gear head? This is difficult to answer because it is highly dependent on the precise position of the gear head. First of all, the primary specifications (such as torque, backlash, transmission ratio) must be correct, but the secondary specifications (such as corrosion resistance, noise level, structure) and the tertiary specifications (such as delivery time, price, global availability, service) are very important.

More specifically, the following are the main processes you should pay attention to:

1) Select the axis shape. There are D-shape, circle, biplane, hexagon, Pentagon and square.

Then, choose the appropriate bearing, which is usually divided into porous bearing and rolling bearing.

2) Select materials for satellite gear and sun gear in micro planetary gear head. There are plastic gears, powder metallurgy materials and hardware processing. Sani has miniature planetary gear heads with metal and plastic housings, suitable for any application you need at your fingertips.

3) Single stage planetary gear can not meet the requirements of large planetary gear transmission ratio. Sometimes two or three or even four stages are needed to meet the requirements of larger transmission ratio. With the increase of the number of planetary gears, the load distribution also increases, so the torque that can be transferred also increases.

4) Choose the right motor. Sani provides optional motors, such as brushless DC motor, brushless DC motor, stepping motor, coreless motor, which can match your micro planetary gear head for better performance.

Note: for more details (voltage, current, transmission ratio, diameter, torque, etc.), Saili transmission also provides relevant information and customized services.


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