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Sweeping robot micro motor plastic gear set

With the improvement of people's life, smart home electronic products gradually come into the family, and the application of sweeping robot immediately goes into the family of nine to six or even 996 workers.

sweeper gear set

Sweeper motor is a small power motor of intelligent automation products, with deceleration function, also known as micro deceleration motor. It is also known as sweeper motor when applied in sweeper, with deceleration function. The main structure is a transmission module of sweeper, also known as gearbox, which is assembled by transmission motor and reduction gear set, and is applied in the field of home sweeper and intelligent sweeper; In order to better meet the market demand, the technical parameters of the motor gearbox are usually customized according to the actual demand of the sweeper.

Typical sweeper motor plastic planetary gearbox technical parameters:

Voltage: 6-24 V

Product current: 80mA

Reduction ratio: 4-1296:1

Output speed: 14-4521 R / min

In addition to providing R & D and production of various micro gears, we also provide customized solutions for customers from gears, precision injection parts, transmission parts to gearbox


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