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Types and terms of gears

There are many types of gears, the classification is usually to distinguish between the opera gear shaft, divided into balance shaft, intersecting shaft and staggered shaft three types.

Parallel shaft gears include spur gears, helical gears, internal gears, rack and helical rack, etc
Intersecting shaft gears are straight bevel gears, external tooth sector gears, zero bevel gears, etc
The staggered shaft gear has staggered shaft helical gear, worm gear and worm gear, etc.

The following table lists the classification of your gear:

Classification of gears Types of Gear efficiency(%)
parallel axis spur gear 98.0 99.5
internal gear
screw gear
helical rack
herringbone gear
concurrent axes Straight bevel gears 98.0 99.0
Bevel gears with bent teeth
Zero degree bevel gear
alternating axis Cylinder worm gear and worm gear 30.0 90.0
Staggered helical gear

70.0 95.0

Gear efficiency refers to the transmission effect of gear under the condition of assembly. If the installation is not correct, especially if the assembly distance of bevel gear is not correct and the conical intersection point is incorrect, the efficiency will decrease significantly.


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