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  • segment gear
  • segment gear
  • segment gear
  • segment gear
segment gearsegment gearsegment gearsegment gear

segment gear

  • SLCD-SC001001
  • Material:POM/other
  • Number of teeth: custom
  • Modulus (mm): custom
  • Product description: Zhongshan Sani Transmission is a manufacturer with independent research and development, design, mold opening, production and assembly of micro gear, non-standard gear, sector gear, circular arc gear

Material: POM / Others can be customized

Accuracy: to be required

Accuracy: Customized

Number of teeth: custom

Modulus (mm): custom

Various specifications of gear can be customized, welcome to contact us Material: MC nylon, high molecular polyethylene, POM, Pok, etc. can be customized

Fan-shaped gearsarc gearnon-standard gear


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